Mindfulness video chats can help with many issues such as

Also helps with many other issues as well that isn’t mentioned in the list, please feel free to email me with an enquiry.

These sessions that we provide are £50 and will last approximately an hour depending on how much support is needed.

In order to book a therapy session a consultation form needs to be completed which can be found on the book here link above.

Meditation Online Prices

These sessions can be used to learn more about meditation as a one off meeting or ongoing sessions.

Meditation Introduction Session £35.00

Our meditation introduction sessions explains why we need to meditate, what meditation is and what it is not, discussing various positions without been uncomfortable and making your meditation more effective, an explanation about controlling thoughts and practice 2 meditations.   

Mindfulness Meditation £15.00 book 5 and get one free (to be paid for up front)

A mindfulness meditation gives you a chance to connect with yourself, which will help you counterbalance the external pressure of modern life. Being more mindful means being more in tune with our needs and limitations.

Visualisation Meditation £15.00 book 5 and get one free (to be paid for up front)

A visualisation meditation is used as a tool to prepare our physical, mental and emotional state for relieving stress or restoring energy etc, for some people the mental pictures become so real which helps shift your concentration away from negative emotions or sensations towards amore positive frame of mind.

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