Maxine Chambers


I am passionate about the positive benefits that mindfulness can bring into people’s lives and helping people overcome barriers to enable them to enjoy a happier life.  

I am a qualified in advanced Hypnotherapy and psychotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and life coaching, and much more I am also a member of the FHT complementary healthcare accredited register.

About me and my journey

“Over many years I have suffered from anxiety and depression and have tried different types of therapies to feel better, but I just kept struggling and turned to alcohol believing this could make me feel better.

Over a decade I have battled on and off with these issues, most people didn't even know this because I was very good at hiding it, but inside I was a mess.

I was suffering so much and fed up that I realised something had to change, enough was enough!  I Just wanted to feel at peace and happy inside, so with the determination to make a change, this is where my journey began of self development and personal growth.

I did a lot of studying around mindfulness and self development and worked hard to put these in place. I was able to put a lot of changes in place, and this led to my next journey of life, gaining a passion to help other people, knowing that we have this ability to change naturally and to live a more fulfilled life but most of all to discover who we truly are !!

Fast forward to today and I am now truly in a better place it’s the best thing I ever did and I am now a full time therapist after spending years in a miserable job, I left that career behind ten years ago and I have never looked back.”

I have helped hundreds of people suffering from various issues. These therapy sessions are based around my skills and knowledge, in mindfulness, relaxation, cognitive behavioural therapy, life coaching and hypnotherapy techniques.

I am warm, compassionate, understanding and professional person, offering a safe, holistic

and confidential service.

The ethos of Mindfulness Healing U.K. is to take a genuine interest into each client’s individual needs. It is important for clients to feel valued as a customer and cared for as a person.  

A warm welcome awaits you at Mindfulness Healing U.K.


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